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BMW Maintenance – What to know

April 21, 2017

You just bought a BMW. Congratulations on your purchase! You are now a part of a select community of BMW drivers who enjoy the passion and performance that is the hallmark of every BMW.

A BMW is meant to be driven in a sporting manner and a BMW owner demands only the highest levels of performance. The precise steering feel. The smooth and powerful motor. The strong brake pedal. The thick steering wheel and the way the seats hold you firmly in place around the curves. The way a BMW intuitively and effortlessly slices through traffic.


These are just a few of the reasons a BMW is the Ultimate Driving Machine.


When it comes time for BMW Maintenance you need a team of professionals as passionate about your BMW as you are. We have a team of Factory Trained Technicians with all of the knowledge and equipment to keep your BMW running at its best. We are BMW Owners and enthusiasts and we are active in the local BMW car club events and meet-ups. We understand what sets a BMW apart from the rest of the traffic.


We understand that when we take your BMW keys for Maintenance, we are holding your trust, your investment, your transportation, your safety, and even a part of your identity.  This is not a responsibility we take lightly.

Our team sources OEM Parts as well as aftermarket and performance parts for your BMW Maintenance. We can locate different types of parts for different needs. Below are a few things to consider for your BMW Maintenance needs:

  • Oil Changes – Proper viscosity of your Synthetic oil with the correct filter

  • Brake Pads – Long-lasting and noise-free pads for performance and durability

  • Brake Rotors – High Carbon Steel for correct heat transfer and sure stopping

  • Tires – The correct sizing and speed rating for your BMW

  • Suspension – Shocks, Struts, and Bushings designed specifically for your BMW

  • Specifications – Torque settings, alignment specs, and BMW specific fluids

At The Garage we take great pride in our customer treatment and we value the feedback we receive from our BMW clients. As you do your on-line research and read the reviews we believe you will see that we are the Ultimate Dealership Alternative for your BMW Maintenance needs.

Trusting your BMW Maintenance to a shop is more about the relationship than just “some guy at the dealership who takes your keys”.


Call us at The Garage at (303) 248-3652 to take your BMW ownership experience to the next level.

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