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Tires for Your BMW – What to know

April 26, 2017

When we field calls from BMW owners, we receive quite a few calls about Tires.

  • How important are they?

  • What are the best type?

  • Should I buy cheap tires?

  • What are the differences between cheap and expensive tires?

Ok, first, a little basic information about your tires. They are the only actual contact between your BMW and the road.  When traveling in a straight line with properly inflated tires on smooth ground an average vehicle has approximately 192 square inches of contact. This number changes constantly due to speed changes, turns and bumps in the road, temperature and weather changes, and even changes in altitude.

With such a small contact patch between you and the road, proper tires for your BMW are very important. The rules below are the “Musts” for proper tire ownership and maintenance:

  1.  Buy the correctly sized tire for your BMW. Too tall or too wide can cause rubbing and premature tire wear and/or failure.

  2.  Maintain proper inflation. Knowing and maintaining the proper inflation of air pressure will insure the longest life and safest use for your tires.

  3. Proper model tires for your intended use. Whether you are driving off-road, in mixed weather, on smooth highways, or just racing from stoplight-to-stoplight, choose the correct model of tire to suit your needs.

  4. Think of your tires as a part of your vehicle’s suspension system. Taller tires, in general, will provide a more cushioned ride, and the opposite is true – a low sidewall profile tire will provide a sportier but bumpier ride.

  5. Proper vehicle alignment is critical for long tire life. If your vehicle is out of alignment due to worn or damaged parts, your tires will suffer and wear prematurely. If you notice your vehicle vibrating or pulling to one side, chances are that you need a professional alignment and possibly suspension or steering parts replaced.


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