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Used Car Inspection by the BMW Repair Experts (Part 1)

April 28, 2017

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We are frequently asked “how can I avoid getting ripped-off” when I am buying a used car?


While no vehicles are ever 100% perfect, a smart consumer can avoid plenty of headaches and expense by having a potential purchase inspected by a qualified Technician.  While many vehicles are selected for their exterior and outward appearance, true beauty is always much more than skin deep when it comes to motor vehicles.


Absolute “Musts” to have looked at when considering a vehicle purchase:

  1. Vehicle Title Status.  The Title is a Legal Document that follows the ownership of a motor vehicle. A “Clean” title normally means a vehicle has not been claimed as a Total Loss by an insurance company.  An unsatisfied Lien against a vehicle may mean there is an unpaid debt related to the vehicle. Understanding and knowing your vehicle’s Title Status can save headaches and $$$ during the ownership of your vehicle.

  2. Structural and/or Frame Damage.  When a vehicle has suffered serious damage from a collision or an impact, if the frame or Uni-Body is damaged, the vehicle may be considered a “Total Loss”.  Repairs to the structural components of a vehicle must be performed by a highly competent and skilled crew at a Body and Frame Repair Shop.  A vehicle with structural damage will normally wear out tires, shocks and struts, and other steering and suspension parts far more rapidly than a “straight” vehicle as the vehicle struggles to go down the road in a straight line.  An inspection for structural damage should be essential to any vehicle purchase decision.

  3. Brakes.  A properly functioning brake system can be the difference between stopping properly and safely, and running through a crosswalk, over a curb, or into another vehicle.  Have the brake system checked for Pad / Shoe thickness, Rotor / Drum Thickness, proper caliper / wheel cylinder operation, correct Emergency Brake operation and holding power, and the condition of your brake system’s hydraulic fluid.  Flushing and properly bleeding the air from a vehicle’s hydraulic brake system is a maintenance item which is recommended to be completed every 2-3 years.  As the condition of your brake fluid degrades, so will your stopping power and control. Be sure to get a full report on your brake system performance before making any purchasing decisions.

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