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Getting Value for your Car Repair $$$

June 15, 2017

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How do you know if you are receiving a fair, or good value for your car repair dollar?


As a part of our commitment to the Friends of The Garage, here are a few areas for you to raise your awareness when your vehicle is in the shop.

  1. Ask for a complete Estimate of Parts and Labor BEFORE any service or repairs are completed. You have the right as a consumer to know and understand exactly what is being done to your vehicle before any of the work is started.  In cases where additional parts or labor are required, a reputable shop will call you to let you know and offer a detailed explanation of any deviations from the original estimate.

  2. Ask to see and inspect any parts which are replaced on your vehicle.  A reputable shop will offer to let you take the parts home or look at them – and in most cases will explain their function, and how to know when / if they will show wear or need replacing in the future.

  3. Many shops outside of a Dealership can source different levels of replacement parts. Using a Good / Better / Best – analogy, a shop can source parts which are adequate but may have a shorter warranty period, or in a case like Brake Pads they might be a little noisier than other options.  In a case where “Best” quality is selected, these parts will normally be at Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications or better, and will normally carry a nationwide replacement warranty.  Ask for details at your chosen repair facility.

  4. Examining your car while it is “in the air”. Many shops will claim that their Insurance will not allow a Customer to enter the Service area.  In many cases this is not true, and this time can be an excellent chance to see your vehicle’s components “in their natural habitat”, and get an explanation about how the parts function as a part of a system. If you do not understand an explanation, ask for an explanation “at the car”.

  5. Meeting your vehicle Technician and learning about his qualifications. If / when you see your car in the shop, it is a great time to learn about who is taking care of your vehicle. And, since the Technician is a “car guy – or gal”, they are full of useful vehicle information!

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