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Your vehicle and its smells, noises, sounds, and feelings! (Part 1 – Smells)

June 20, 2017

For most of us, there is nothing quite like the smell of a new car.  The freshness of the seats, mats, and carpet, no fingerprints on the radio and dash, no dog-nose prints on any of the windows (yet). Oftentimes owners of new vehicles will not even eat in their car or truck!


But, with time, all things change. We climb in with snowy or muddy shoes.  We lose a couple of French-fries between the seats. We smudge the windows and armrests.  Suddenly our new car is just another used car.

With the aging of a vehicle we always ask customers to give us as much of an explanation of what is happening in their vehicle when it is brought in for service or repairs.


When you are very familiar with a vehicle, when something “just doesn’t feel right”, it is a good idea to follow and trust your instincts.


Common Smells that may mean trouble:

Smell: Sweet / Burnt Candy

Due to Coolant / Antifreeze Leaking and Burning   

Code = Yellow to Red  

Remedy: Monitor coolant level and keep full until you can have the source of the leak repaired


Smell: Rich, like Burning Coffee

Due to Engine Oil Leaking and Burning

Code = Yellow to Red

Remedy: Monitor oil level and keep full until you can have the source of the leak repaired


Smell: Musty, right after turning off your Air Conditioning

Due to Receiver Dryer “drying out”

Code = Green

Remedy: A/C works by pulling moisture from the air.  The component that captures this moisture expels moisture slowly once turned off


Smell: Burning Rubber

Due to a drive belt rubbing

Code = Red

Remedy: Replacing a worn belt and a belt tensioner is part of normal maintenance.  Check belts at least 1X per year for cracks or shiny spots for wear


Smell: Bitter and Very Strong – Almost Taste It

Due to Overheated Brakes and / or Clutch

Code = Yellow to Red

Remedy: If this occurs to you, it is normally due to highway or mountain driving and use of brakes.  Brakes will “fade” and lose stopping power. 


Code: Red = Critical, Yellow = Very Important, Green = Normal Operation


Most modern vehicles are equipped with a cabin micro-filter which filters tiny particles out of the air as it enters the vehicle’s cabin. In Colorado it is a good idea to change this filter 2X per year for clean air.


Call us at (303) 248-3652 to get your car looked over if you are experiencing odd scents or smells!

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