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Your vehicle and its smells, noises, sounds, and feelings! (Part 2 – Noises)

July 10, 2017


So you have had your car for a while.  You can reach all of the buttons without looking.  Your seat is set exactly the way you like it. Then all of a sudden; you hear something that isn’t what you are used to hearing.


As frequently and as hard as we use our vehicles, things can and do go wrong. Parts wear out or break. We hit a pot-hole or an item in the road. The Cold / Heat cycle weakens a soft part like a hose or a belt.


Being aware of different noises can be the difference between a normal maintenance repair, and a major expense.


Common Noises that may mean trouble for your vehicle:


Sound: A high pitched squeak or squeal when you hit the brakes

Cause is normally a wear indicator. This indicator is only meant to make noise for a short time as an indicator that your brake pads are nearing the end of their useful life.  If the noise goes away after a few days, you may be heading for our next sound…

Code = Yellow – quickly moving to Red

Remedy: Have your brakes inspected by a qualified technician as soon as you hear this high-pitched noise.


Sound: A Grinding or low rumble when you hit the brake pedal.

Cause is normally due to wearing through your brake pad material and making contact between the brake pad backing and the brake rotor. This is a “metal to metal” grinding noise and if not fixed quickly it can lead to complete brake system failure.

Code = Red

Remedy: If this has occurred, you probably need complete Brake Pads and Rotors replaced as well as a brake fluid flush if your brake fluid has boiled.


Sound: Banging, Popping, or Thumping over bumps

Cause is normally due to a steering or suspension issue. Shock Absorbers, Struts, Bushings, and Control Arms are items keeping your ride smooth and quiet. If these items wear or fail you will notice abnormal noises and poor performance from your steering and suspension.

Code = Yellow to Red

Remedy: Have your suspension checked by a competent technician who has been trained to examine and understand your suspension system. Correcting these issues will lead to even tire wear and safe operating over all types of driving surfaces.


Sound: A Rubbing or Scraping noise under your vehicle.

Cause is normally a fender liner or splash shield which has become dislodged.

Code = Green to Yellow

Remedy: When convenient, have the component removed, re-secured, or replaced by a competent technician at a trusted repair facility.


Sound: A loud clicking or popping when turning left or right.

Cause is normally the Constant Velocity (CV) joints in your front or rear axles which have been contaminated due to a damaged or torn rubber CV Boot. The CV Boot keeps grease in, and dirt and water out. A failed CV axle can leave you stranded at the side of the road.

Code = Red

Remedy: As a part of your normal vehicle maintenance, have your CV Boots and Axles inspected by a competent technician.


Sound: Any thumping or vibrating noises that follow a “rotational” pattern or rhythm as you drive.

Cause is normally A Drive-Shaft carrier bearing or Universal Joint that is close to the point of failure.

Code = Red

Remedy: Have these components inspected and replaced at a trusted repair facility.


Sound: A loud high-pitched Hiss – inside the customer cabin

Cause is normally an Air Conditioning component failure

Code = Yellow

Remedy: While this issue will not leave you stranded at the side of the road, during the summer months this will not allow you to cool your interior.  Have your system pressure tested by a competent repair technician.


Sound: Any loud ticking or banging from the engine compartment.

Cause is normally an internal engine component failure.

Code = Red

Remedy: Pull off the road as soon as is safely possible.


Call us at The Garage at (303) 248-3652 to help you diagnose any odd or unusual sounds coming from your vehicle!

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